Our week in Sonoma was unforgettable thanks to our friend and guide, Sandy. Had we simply been handed a list of the region’s wineries, we would not have had a clue where to begin, nor would we have been greeted so graciously by many of the wineries. Each of our days was carefully planned. Our week began with good wines and progressed to outstanding samples of the region so that our palate became more refined and discerning as the week drew to a close. Sandy’s knowledge and advance arrangements with wineries meant that we were treated to a variety of special tasting experiences – educational and pleasurable. Because Sandy chose our itinerary to expose us to beautiful landscapes and architecture of Sonoma, this aspect of our vacation was enriching for our visual senses as well.

In addition to the experience of winery visits, we enjoyed several nights dining out at exceptional restaurants in the area that were recommended by Sandy.

This was a vacation experience like no other. Not only did we learn a great deal about wine, but we also were able to relax and leave the planning to Sandy.